T H E   S H O P   F L O O R   P R O J E C T  | o b j e c t s   w o r t h y   o f   p a s s i n g   d o w n   t h r o u g h   g e n e r a t i o n s  

Ellie screen prints test linens before they are printed by the yard on heavy cotton twill.


The fabrics of Ellie Curtis for The Shop Floor Project

A graduate of the prestigious Camberwell College of Art and Design, Ellie Curtis’ textile collection has been inspired by a recent residency in Southern Spain and time spent at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford.

Her work explores an interest in anthropomorphic creatures which blur the distinction between human, animal and plant; tree-men, jiving birds, and women with roots for hands are some of the characters you can expect to meet.

Ellie’s work has been featured widely from the ICA, the V&A Museum of Childhood and World of Interiors magazine.

Her fabrics are equally stunning as cushions or upholstered on a large sofa.

Bamboo Barbara in teal, upholstered on a chair on the shop.

Ellie's studio wall, full of sketches of her menagerie of characters....