T H E   S H O P   F L O O R   P R O J E C T  | o b j e c t s   w o r t h y   o f   p a s s i n g   d o w n   t h r o u g h   g e n e r a t i o n s  

“On the wall in front of me there is a picture of my grandfather, Karl-Erik Torssell. I learnt this craft from him. Still; the first thing he said when I asked if I could have a go was - no. No, this is not for girls. It's too heavy, it's too hard. So I nagged him. Please, can't I just hold the hammer? So he let me and taught me everything he knew including how to make the Royal Sconce. In the 1930‘s King Gustav V bought the first two my grandfather made as a wedding gift to Prince Gustav Adolf of Sweden and Sibylla to hang in their country retreat in Storlien.

You can hear it when I work. Iron driving into metal. There is a rhythm as I forge the rim of a plate. It goes 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2. Hammer's easy in my hand. Floor vibrating. I need everything to be in place before I start. Hammer, yes. Ear muffs. Hallmark stamps. The stock and the material. Brass is hard and obstinate, pewter's responsive and yielding. Brass needs to be polished, while pewter just grows prettier with time

When I sit down at the stock with a piece of metal in front of me, time passes slowly. The now solely consists of focused attention. From here time stretches back, so I can find my place in this tradition. And ahead, towards forms yet not conceived. Craftsmanship is all about this. About time.”

Text by Malin Appelgren


The story of Malin Appelgren

THE SHOP FLOOR PROJECT is the exclusive UK stockist of the Wall Sconce collection. Malin's work has been featured in many publications including The World of Interiors and Elle decoration and can also be seen in Mr Turner, a film about the life and home of JMW Turner by director Mike Leigh,