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M A D E   F O R   T H E   S N O W

As The Shop Floor Project is based in the Cumbria fells, we thought we'd put a selection together from our collections inspired by the snowy landscape which surrounds us during the winter months.

From Denise Allan's moody prints of snow covered footpaths and ancient drovers walls to our speckled-glazed pottery made in Lancashire. We've taken inspiration from that unmistakable northern winter light that is amplified when a layer of snow falls...

British weaver, Emily Mackey is The Shop Floor Project's in-house weaver and we work together to create collections inspired by the landscapes we love and the native wool Emily is passionate about. As part of the Made for the Snow series,

Emily has taken inspiration from the Cumbria fells where the native Herdwick sheep look after the landscape and withstand freezing temperatures. It’s their robust fleece, in shades of milky grey to dark chocolate, that we’ve commissioned the weaver to use in a new collection of contemporary Herdwick designs, each one hand-woven. Emily has cleverly adapted the traditional herringbone weave, elongating the lines to resemble the scree slopes where the sheep graze. By adding subtle ‘horizon lines’ she allows the design to gently reflect the ancient landscape where the wool originates.

Snowy moonstone and pearl artisan earrings DETAILS

Hand-thrown spouted bowl in Speckled Egg Shell glaze DETAILS

(above) Hand-woven Herdwick cushion


The snow-topped roofs of Yukihiro Akama's carved miniature houses


Two prints (framed or unframed) taken from originals by Denise Allan. Drover's Wall and Winter Footpath/Hedgerow celebrate the ancient landscape of the Cumbria Fells. DETAILS

Hand-beaten pewter wall sconce from Sweden. DETAILS

Hand-woven Herdwick cushion


Hand-thrown Fluted Cups in Speckled Egg Shell and Moss glazes


From far left:

Gift wrap: DETAILS

Winter Tree embroidered cushion DETAILS

Ceramic Bird Tail Jug: DETAILS