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M I N I A T U R E   H O U S E S

Y U K I H I R O  A K A M A

Japanese maker, Yukihiro Akama creates a series of miniature ‘house-sketches’  from native British wood.

Yukihiro Akama's studio is located in a converted shed in his garden in Yorkshire. He works in silence, prefering the quiet as he spends his days "cutting wood into small house-shaped sections, spending a whole day working the surface textures, then working on detailed expression, painting, putting clays etc."  The only sound you may hear coming from the studio is the news on the radio, which he listens to in order to practice his English.

Asking where he gets his ideas from, he answers " from buildings and scenery that I see in the UK to unrelated shapes - animal shapes, dens, daily objects (bins, benches, lamps cars etc). I love what my children draw too. The last is very influential".