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O B J E C T :  



Set of 8 papers inspired by early 20th century designs, in particular those of the Bloomsbury group. In four colours: Warm Grey/Crimson, Cornflower/Red, Teal/Burnt Orange and Mustard/Turquoise.  Really stunning!

I N  D E T A I L

Paper is printed in the UK on FSC paper of archiving quality, using eco-friendly 100% vegetable oil-based inks. Each sheet is printed in one or two custom-mixed inks on uncoated paper to create a high-quality matte paper with a hand-printed feel to it.

Sheets are 50 cm x 70 cm and are a perfect weight for wrapping (light enough to be folded easily, but completely opaque) as well as many other uses.:

P R I C E :

£16 for set of 8