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We pay a visit to Michaela Gall’s studio in Kent. A British painter and ceramicist, Michaela is one of our long time collaborators at The Shop Floor Project with past projects covering subjects from Inuits to iconic couples. Here Michaela talks us through her process...

My studio is in a stable, with the original manger and hay net in situ, next to an oasthouse in Penshurst, Kent. It used to have our horse in it, he would lie flat out and snore! And drink tea out of your cup. I put in the wheel and bought a kiln in 2007. Each morning I fight my way to the wheel and make something which I've usually drawn first. It might be a hand built piece - recently small altars or a thrown piece or work on a painting that needs radical surgery. I listen to Radio 3, the stranger the sound world the better. If I need pumping up it'll be balladeers or opera. Drawing and painting came first but I always had a yen to do ceramics with mysterious Japanese glazes. I'd obviously suppressed my illustration background, my painting was becoming more abstract - and it found its outlet in my ceramics.

B I R D  P L A T T E R S

A collection of ceramics from Michaela Gall, commissioned by The Shop Floor Project


Curlew | View - SOLD

Lapwing | Sold

Avocet | View

Flying Owl | Sold

Blue Guinea Fowl | View