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A collection of ceramic animal candlesticks

A collection of ceramic animal candlesticks celebrating 19th century Staffordshire figures.

The Shop Floor Project has commissioned ceramicist Andrea Shemilt Kashanipour to produce an exclusive series of candlesticks inspired by 19th Century Staffordshire figures. We have collaborated with American based Kashanipour over the last two years but we were unaware of her family connection to the Staffordshire potteries (her great grandfather, John Shemilt left Stoke on Trent for Canada as a Minister in the late 19th century).

On hearing about the project Andrea was delighted to be part of a celebration of Staffordshire pottery and to acknowledge her family ties to the area. “ It is just a coincidence that I enjoy making ceramics. When I began I had no idea that my ancestral family was from Stoke