T H E   S H O P   F L O O R   P R O J E C T  | o b j e c t s   w o r t h y   o f   p a s s i n g   d o w n   t h r o u g h   g e n e r a t i o n s  

T H E   C R E A T O R S

The Shop Floor Project was founded in 2006 by Denise Allan and Samantha Allan (mother and daughter) with the aim to design, develop and source collections of the highest craftsmanship from makers and traditional manufactures, predominately based within the UK and Europe.

As professional artists and curators they see the Project as a series of curated spaces filled with objects that fulfill their main criteria; that the object is worthy of keeping and passing down through generations - be it a handwoven Herdwick blanket or a hand beaten wall sconce from Sweden. Their development of contemporary heirlooms continues daily.

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T H E   N E W  H E A D Q U A R T E R S

There's been lots of changes happening at The Shop Floor Project in 2015, the most exciting being our relocation to the Old Warehouse in the centre of Ulverston. Built in 1832 as a warehouse to store goods including gunpowder and linen, which were brought in on the town's famous ship canal, it was restored from a near derelict state six years ago and is now our new headquarters.

The building was brought back to life in 2009 and won an award for the renovation. During building works, workmen found graffiti which has been dated to around 1910.

The top floors contain the design studios with the ground and first floor transformed into the new gallery, which will be open for various events throughout the year - watch this space!

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T H E   O N L I N E  D E S I G N

The Shop Floor Project has been described as ‘one of the most beautiful websites around’. It has featured in many publications such as iCatching: Shopping Design Online and awarded Best Site Design at the handbag.com Online Fashion Awards.

The site’s innovative design uses documentation of ‘real’ interior spaces to create an intimate shopping experience. Images from vintage magazines, out of print museum and country house guides are collaged together to form a unique and ever changing online space.

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W E   L O V E   J A P AN

Since 2013 we have been sourcing makers from Japan and bringing them to a UK audience, many for the first time. A highlight of this initiative was a visit in December 2013 from the renowned potter Yu Kobayashi who stayed for a week and co-hosted an evening event which included a tea ceremony with her own tea bowls.

We hope to offer more of these events so please subscribe to our newsletter to receive an invitation: